Dulwich SE21 -
1920's Detached House  

remove old Fireplace - Raise Lintel - Square Opening - Westfire 23

Working with clients to achieve the desired look, is an important part of the job. The brief was to create a minimalist look to a large garden lounge and heat over 100m3 of space, whilst complementing and enhancing the original features of the family home.
After due deliberation, the Westfire 23 with side glass was selected as the ideal stove. The Scandianvian straight lines, worked with the Art Deco undertones of the house, and created a symentry with the windows in the room.  
As always, every last detail was considered, ensuring our client was completely happy with the work. The Team did a fantastic job and were instrumental in helping with the design as the job unfolded.
We will revisit and make sure the stove is performing as anticipated, when we return for the annual sweep and servicing.
Below is a series of pictures taken as the work progressed.