Smokeless Kiln Dried Logs, Briquettes, Kindling & Firelighters.

We sell our fuels in handy sized nets and briquettes are in boxes. The nets are of Kiln dried single wood species, as opposed to mixed nets or bags.
This enables us to work out the best combination(s) of wood for you to burn depending on the size of your stove, or if it’s for outdoor entertainment.

A Personalised Service for Fuels…


Kiln Dried Ash

Kiln Dried Sliver Birch


Beech Briquettes

Wood, briquettes, kindling and firelighters (Fuels), are one of the most important elements when using your Stove, fireplace, fire pit or BBQ.
You could have the most expensive, fuel efficient stove on the market but ultimately, your stove is only as good as the fuel you use.
Kiln Dried Wood is the best way to go. The move towards cleaner air, pollutants in the atmosphere and environmental concerns have led us to become responsible users of our wood burning stoves and fires.